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Monday, August 22, 2011

Brittany + Mike

I had at the opportunity to shoot the events leading up to and after Brittany and Mikes big day.  They ended up getting married in a private ceremony on another continent. However I was there to shoot their Engagements, Bridals, and a Reception held in their honor.  Brittany and Mike are a fun couple and were open to my suggestions and locations as I created images that match their lifestyle, personality, and tastes.
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During my consultation with the couple and viewing the dress, we decided to keep things simple and classy with a vintage twist.  The wedding's colors were black and white without accents or other colors.  They wanted clean lines, straight cuts, and the images to highlight their personality.  
I designed their announcements based on several examples the bride showed me. After 4-5 revisions, we nailed it.  I printed via a press-print on 100 lb card stock.

The wedding reception was held in a backyard with little to no shade during the mid afternoon.  Any photographer reading this knows that this is an impending nightmare for lighting.  And with my luck, it was a near 100 degree day without a cloud in the sky. All you can do in this situation is expose for the highlights and try to keep the sun from blowing out peoples faces and the dress.

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