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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Photocamp Utah

A while back I had the honor and opportunity to teach a lecture on off-camera lighting and using speedlights to obtain studio quality lighting...

Photocamp Utah is an annual get together or fellow photographers and friends that share our knowledge of photography and put on a full day's worth of workshops, including two keynote speakers. This year the closing keynote speaker was Zack Arias, an Atlanta based photographer and creator of the OneLight DVD in which he utilizes a true Strobist approach using only one light to create amazing quality images.

Being a Strobist myself, I tended to idolize this guy and get all giddy when I had the opportunity to meet and thank him after his presentation. I implore any budding photographer out there that wants to shoot people and learn lighting to purchase his DVD and attend one of his workshops.

Photocamp had a limited number of tickets and the event sold out in hours of the tickets going on sale. Thus the organizers and a special team of technologically advanced people provided a live stream of the workshops.

You can view my lecture HERE and view the OTHERS as well. Click over and take advantage or some great resources.

A special thanks to all those who put this together

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Let's go Rollin'

I had the opportunity to collaborate with the amazing Destiny Hartley in a recent Pinup themed studio shoot. I wanted something of great color and contrast that was better than the usual black or white seamless backdrops, so I went to my local supplier and picked up some of the brightest rolls of yellow and blue paper I could get my hands on. Destiny is a seasoned fitness model and adjusted well to the pinup theme. We are currently putting together another shoot for this summer, so expect to see more of her soon.

More Behind the Scenes Videos coming soon and a Photoshop Retouching Tutorial will be posted to Vimeo and YouTube today.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Greetings from Southern Utah

I've temporarily relocated to a remote location in the Southern Utah desert to work on the crew of an upcoming Feature Disney Film. Due to contract and confidentiality agreements, I cannot say more about the film other than this is one of the largest productions going on in the world at this time.

I've condensed 3 months worth of photo sessions into this week, thus I'll be home and have internet access.

For this post, I am posting some images from a recent engagement session from Karina and Kim.