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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Not Your Box Store Conglomerate Portrait Studio

I find it funny every time I go shopping for groceries at my local conglomerate super store. Yes, I am admitting that I shop at the damn place although I do my best to support local small business as much as I can.  Anyways, whenever I walk past the portrait studio, I see multiple families waiting in line with their screaming and "I'm hungry" kids for some teenager that is getting paid minimum wage to press a button on a camera which was set by some district manager over the department who pays a visit once a month to make sure that the permanent lighting setup and camera settings are congruent for the boring seamless or muslin background that everyone of it's customers are shot on.  And let's not forget to tighten the screws on the tin wash pan to stick the baby in...

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Simple Eloquence

There is nothing more satisfying that shooting some simple head shot and test images.  No studio, no extravagant and complicated multiple light setups, and no worries of art directors, assistants, or makeup and hair artists fussing over keeping each strand of hair in place.  For this post, I was commissioned by the lovely Ashley Eliza Parker to update her head shots for her acting and modeling resume.
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