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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Help Portrait 2011

I am priveledged and honored to once again be invited to participate in this year's Help Portrait event held in my local capital of Salt Lake City.  If you haven't heard about Help Portrait and you are an amateur or professional photographer, you need to stop what you are doing right now and check out the link.  In a nutshell, Help Portrait is an annual international event started by Jeremy Cowart where photographers all around the world grab there cameras and donate their time and talents, finding people in need, and taking their picture.  We then edit, print, and deliver the image to the people on the spot.  The people could be those of less fortune, including homeless, single parents, low income families, and pretty much anyone who wants to come get there portrait taken.

These images aren't for financial gain, portfolios, or taking the picture.  In Jeremy Cowarts words, Help Portrait is about GIVING the picture.

Help Portrait Promotional Video

See some of the amazing images from our local Help Portrait Event and dive into some of the heart felt emotions shared that day after the jump.