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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Marie Antoinette- The Video + The Big Announcement

After being stuck in Limbo with so many projects this entire month, I finally completed the Behind the Scenes Video and Strobist Tutorial for the Marie Antoinette concept I shot a while back.  I've added more narrative and educational jargon in to this one as I've taken the feedback from the youtube channel seriously.   
Enjoy...  And please view in HD.
Big News After the Jump
A little over a month ago I received a call from the host of [FRAMED], a weekly web-based show that features photographers and goes behind the scenes of their lives, photo sessions, and workflow in efforts to educate and inspire the photography and art communities.  This show started last year and ended up going viral with total views and social networking "likes" ending up in the millions.
My personal story started when I received a call from the host Melissa asking if I would like to be one of three photographers featured in the season 2 premiere.  I reacted like a giddy school boy as I ran around the room in circles.  I had been a fan and addicted watcher of the show since it started and now they wanted to feature me.  They credited it to my youtube channel and how-to strobist videos as to why they were interested in me.  I also have to give credit to several local photographers who also suggested me :)

So we filmed the episode in late May and without giving too much details away, I have to say that it was one of the most difficult things I've ever done as a photographer.
THE SEASON PREMIERE OF [FRAMED] WILL GO LIVE ON TUESDAY, JULY 5TH.  Tune in and see how much of a challenge it was as the episode will be sure not to disappoint.  

After the episode was done, I was asked if I'd like to be a part of the Framed team in giving me my own segment centered around the geek and technical side of photography.  Appropriately titled Equip Tips, the segment will be aired each Monday on the web for 15 weeks commencing July 11th.  

My experience with the [FRAMED] crew and production team was amazing.  I've never met a production company with such a passion for photography combined with a down to earth attitude.  I am usually behind the camera to where as with [FRAMED], I was in front of it.  The positive vibes and useful attitudes from the host Melissa and the film crew were enough to put my nervousness and self confidence issues at bay.  A big thanks to goes out to each of them, as they sacrifice their time as they travel the country dealing with crazy photographers like myself on a daily basis all in the name of education and inspiration.  
Be sure to tune in to FRAMEDSHOW.COM each week starting July 5th as the shows second season will be one to inspire anyone that owns a camera whether you be a seasoned pro or the hobbyist that loves shooting their kid's  little league games.

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