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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


 This weeks blog is all about Senior Portraits and Graduation.  It is a fun time of year for those who are finally gaining their freedom from the bonds of the education system from which they served 12 years of enriching their minds.
I recall thoroughly spending my senior year embedded in advanced placement classes in attempt to knock out a semester or two college. Mean while, my friends were sluffing (Utah term for ditching) class and heading out to breakfast every morning during the hours of first period.  Nonetheless, high school is a special in our lives and I agree with the popular crowd that Senior Portraits are a must.


I like to take a different approach than most of the box stores and studios when it comes to Senior Sessions.  Like most my work, I implement techniques and concepts I use in Fashion and Commercial Photography into my Seniors.  I personally meet with the client/soon to be graduate and consult on how they want to be represented.  Ditch the muslin backdrops, cheap plastic props, and Letterman's jacket and do something unique that showcases the client visually the best you can.
How do I accomplish this?  I find out what hobbies the graduate has.  I find out what colors they like and dislike.  I find out what they feel is their best physical attribute and what their least favored attribute is.  You get the picture.  Find out about the client.  Research their personality and style.
Take the example below for example.  Kirstyn loves the turquoise and blues.  She wanted a modern and fashion type look, but still retain some sort of tradition to appease her relatives.   
So we decided on the "Color Scheme"of the shoot.  We went over outfits, wardrobes, and accessories such as the blue necklace and accented bracelet.  Kirstyn has extremely bright blue eyes, so the turquoise accessories assisted in making them pop more than they normally wood. 
In post, I created a slight Blue Curve adjustment and crushed the blacks toward a blue hue to further accentuate her eyes and adhere to the fashion motif.
In the end it comes down to not only creating unique images, but creating something that represents the client and who they are.  I want my images tell their story and I feel that when I do this, it puts me ahead of the competition.

Some big things are in the works for the Summer.  The Marie Antoinette shoot's behind the scenes video / strobist tutorial is still in post production.  I am still currently 6  film projects behind in post production.

On a final note, our short film, The Devil Works in Mysterious Ways has been accepted in to the Who Likes Short Shorts Film Festival.  Our film as well as many others will be screened in Salt Lake on Friday, June 3rd.  Please come out and show your support.  I had the honor and privilege of working as Gaffer /Grip on several of the other entries.  You don't want to miss this.  Details and times can be found in the link above.

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