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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Basement Strobist: Episode 1

With all my Behind the Scene Strobist and Lighting Videos on YouTube, I have been overwhelmed with emails, comments, and personal messages asking me about the basics of off camera flash photography such as what flashes do I use, what light stands should we buy, and how to trigger flashes wirelessly.

With that said, we created a new web based series geared toward answering viewers' photography and strobist questions.  We affectionately call the series "The Basement" as it is filmed in my basement home-studio.

Take 6 minutes and learn.  I would greatly appreciate your support in this endeavor and spread the word out to all photographers or photo buds you may have and are searching for answers or have technical questions they want addressed in future episodes. 


Pacific Freelance said...

very nice, glad to hear you will be making more of these types of videos for us.

I only have 1 flash at the moment, a Vivitar 285HV, can get these all day for 89$ and ive been told they are a real work horse as far as flashes go. i also just got my first set of AlienBees transmitter/receiver but its too cold here still {upstate NY} to take them out and try them out.

When it gets warmer here i have a big open space on the 2nd floor of my garage and im going to try to make it a makeshift studio.

BTS Photography said...

The Vivitar 285 is a good workhorse for a small flash. I've never owned one, but I've had the chance to play with them on a few occasions.

Who said you have to go outside to to try out your gear? Turn your garage, basement, or living room into a studio for a day!

ed said...

Thanks for doing this. Just started off camera flash with dismal results ( Wish I could just run ahead and do what your doing but I have to do the time.