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Friday, February 5, 2010

BTS Photography coming to Video

Last year during some of my memorable shoots, I had my friend and fellow film tech Chris Thompson accompany me to shoot some behind the scenes footage so that I might one day create some editorial or how-to videos pertaining to my work and how I ended up where I'm at.
The first video is of that of a on location beach shoot with Stephanie, a local model for Chic Elite. It centers on how we achieved three looks in three locations while only using one flash or speedlight.

The second video will be that of a studio oriented shoot of a model that desired some basic flattering looks for her portfolio.

And the third video will take us out on a conceptual pinup shoot with a model and a hotrod. We will discuss the techniques of shooting automotive subjects, including learning how to light a car only using speedlights, controlling glare on reflective surfaces, and what happens when we interject a model in to the scene.

Stay tuned... The first video will be out the first of the week.

1 comment:

Dave said...

Ben I think that is really great that you are doing this. My wife has mentioned several times that she would like to follow you around on a shoot. I'm excieted for you looks like good things are happening.