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Friday, December 18, 2009

Help-Portrait wrap up

Help portrait was a major success, especially it being Salt Lake's first year to attempt to put such a large scale photo session. We had over 30 photographers and 8-10 complete studio set-ups. I met so many talented people I surely was in "geek" mode with all of the amazing gear. I learned a lot observing everyone's studio set-ups. Although we had a significant amount of downtime, we did manage to get some of our target subjects to come in a get their portraits taken.

One of those people a 6 year old named Isaiah. He came with his mother and in all my time shooting at a professional level, I have never laughed so hard! Isaiah had a big smile and even bigger imagination. He worked the camera as if he was a professional model, and I'd have to say that he as more "looks" than half of them.

As I mentioned above, with downtime and so many photographers, what else would we do? Shoot each other! Here are some of those shots:

This is Megan of Clandestine Images. She is an amazing photographer and artist and I believe she could even model. She was playing in front of the camera and this is one of the candid shots captured.
You can see Megan's work at Clandestine Images

The above image is yet of another photographer, Travis Hougland. Travis and mine's studio were set-up next to each other. Travis was kind enough to assist me in getting all my gear prepped since I was lacking an assistant for the day. When Travis was posing for this shot, I told him to play up his long hair and find his chi. You can see Travis's work at his website at Hougland Imagery

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[clandestine images] said...

model?!?!!? Bahahahah!!!!! your too nice ben!!!! so i really want in on your photowalks!!! i was looking at flickr and the site and it looks really fun!!! get anything good that night???